Organisational optimisation

As a result of our wide ranging experience we understand that in order to effect real change in an organisation, we need to offer more than just delivery techniques. We need to be able to help you embed the principles behind those techniques into the culture of your organisation.

Our Organisational Optimisation services are designed to optimise and evolve your in-house capabilities and culture. We work with business people, IT professionals and leaders at all levels to help develop high-functioning, efficient and well-integrated delivery teams.

Optimise teams and working practices

The idea of Agile delivery has always had the same goal: do more with less and reduce wasted effort. Good engineers hate waste and like to avoid unnecessary complication. To achieve this, engineers must keep track of achievable deliverables, make cold assessments of the value of technology and understand the value of the solutions they design and build based on business objectives.

We help teams to look at the whole picture. We introduce organisational design principles, including lean techniques, scalable team structures and agile DevOps transformation. Our methods create better integration with the business as a whole, a true DevOps culture, better tooling and more effective continuous delivery practices.

Build your capability

Whatever your requirement, our ultimate aim is to help your teams to become self-sustaining by building a culture of learning, self optimisation and controlled experimentation. We can help clients recruit and manage their teams, often even carrying out interviews and helping to build a greater presence in the local technology community.