Design and research

At Infinity Works we believe in the power of design to deliver value for organisations, effect strategic change, and improve people's lives. We view design as a way of humanising technology, of understanding complexity, of shaping culture, and of problem-solving. All of which require a deep understanding of the problem space and most importantly, people.

Our designers and researchers are fully embedded within our multidisciplinary teams throughout the product lifecycle, from discovery to production. This approach helps accelerate time-to-market, validate ideas quickly and deliver experiences that turn users into advocates.


Customer Experience Strategy

Helping organisations shape a vision for their customer experience and create a clear, measurable plan that catalyses change and delivers outcomes.

Service Design

Taking a human-centred, collaborative approach to designing services. We join the dots between customer touchpoints and organisation operations to optimise the experience and deliver efficiencies.

Interaction Design

Crafting intuitive experiences that elevate brands, drive conversions and breed advocacy. We work iteratively and openly, designing for a diverse range of users, platforms and environments.

User Research

Guiding innovation by developing a deep and shared understanding of users through qualitative and quantitative methods. We continuously assess how products and services perform against user expectations, allowing teams to course-correct and reduce risk.