Whitepaper: Real money gaming 2021

October 18th, 2021 Written by Infinity Works

From humble beginnings, when people put bets on the outcome of live sporting events either in-venue or at their local bookmakers, the real money gaming (RMG) industry has boomed since going online more than 20 years ago. 

In this whitepaper, we’ll explore the increasing personalisation of RMG experiences and the demise of high-street bookmakers; we’ll take a look at artificial intelligence and machine-learning tools and how they’re enabling the industry to manage trading risk more effectively and to be more responsible in supporting safer gambling; we’ll share the benefits of investing in cloud and assess how building the right ecosystem with partners which share your culture and domain knowledge, and also bring enhanced tech skills, is vital for success. 


  1. The UK RMG industry in numbers
  2. Shifting regulatory sands
  3. Look to the cloud
  4. Three steps to maximising your cloud investment
  5. Partner for success
  6. The future is bright
  7. Summary

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Written by Infinity Works