What it’s like to be an apprentice at Infinity Works

February 12th, 2021 Written by Infinity Works

We are committed to making careers in the technology industry accessible to all. Our partnership with Generation and the work of our Academy provide opportunities for people from a diverse range of backgrounds, aiming to unlock peoples’ potential and them to develop a career in tech. 

During the last two years, Samiha Parvez has been working at Infinity Works as an apprentice supporting our London office. For National Apprenticeship Week 2021, we caught up with Samiha and asked her to reflect on her experience with us.

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

I enjoyed school, but I didn’t think higher education was the right path for me. Doing an apprenticeship caught my eye as it offered me the chance to learn while in a working environment, and that appealed to me. I was attracted to the culture at Infinity Works; it offered interesting opportunities and it was clear that the company invested in its people. It also looked like a fun place to work! 

What have been some of the main challenges of your role?

My role is focused on supporting the London office and ensuring that things are running smoothly for the team of London consultants. I had to quickly learn how to use software and ensure that I familiarised myself with the people who work here and their positions. The role has helped me develop my organisational and task management skills.

How did you fit into the team?

My time at Infinity Works has been nothing but an enjoyable experience which has helped me learn and grow. The support from my manager and everyone else who reached out to help me has made it a lot easier to learn the ropes and adjust to working life. From answering all of my questions to taking an interest in what I do and who I am, the people helped make it coming to work enjoyable rather than seeing it as a chore.

What changes have you seen in the London office?

I joined at a time when we had just moved into a large office space which meant I was involved in planning the upgrade to our office environment, and contributed my opinions on the furniture and décor. It was great to be part of a project which would impact the whole office team.

One of the biggest changes I’ve seen, though, is when we moved to remote working when the coronavirus pandemic started. The team has grown significantly since I started two years ago, so the office management team, including myself, had a lot of people to take care of. I’ve helped provide equipment, such as desks and chairs, to enable everyone to work more easily from home. The support provided to us all has made the transition to remote working a lot easier and it reminds us that we’re all going through the same thing and someone is always there to lend a hand.

How have you juggled the academic demands of your apprenticeship with working?

I was only supposed to be an apprentice for one year while studying for the IT programme provided by LDN Apprenticeships. Throughout that year, Infinity Works helped me to balance my work life and studying by giving me time to catch up on work and supplying me with things to make sure I could work productively. Everyone was encouraging and very supportive.

Near the end of my first year, I showed interest in doing another year of apprenticeship in the office management team. I also wanted to learn about digital marketing, so with support of the wider business I’ve been able to learn about areas such as the website and social media.

What’s next for you?

My second year as an apprentice is coming to an end, but I’m looking forward to carrying on progressing in my career. My colleagues continue to offer me guidance and support to do new things, challenge me to develop skills and push myself further, and learn about and explore different areas of work. 

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