Welcoming our Infinity Works Academy 2020 cohort

August 4th, 2020 Written by Infinity Works

The Infinity Works Academy kicks off this month (August, 2020) again as the next cohort joins our specially-developed induction programme. We have 16 keen newcomers to the industry ready to learn everything they need to know about becoming a consultant at Infinity Works.

Having launched in 2016, our programme of intensive training and development gives new employees a fully-supported bootcamp into the world of consultancy.

The programme is not just for graduates – we also encourage applications from people making a career change, people returning to the tech industry after a break and also people who have been through other programmes such as Code Nation, AWS Re:start, North Coders, Makers Academy, Returners and Women Returners. We also encourage applications from graduates from multiple disciplines, not just computer science. 

Director of Academy Clem Pickering said: “We are truly committed to continually developing our Academy programme, which has brought in numerous talented individuals to Infinity Works from a variety of backgrounds. 

“We have strong support networks at IW which apply to every new starter, whatever their level. Our Academy cohorts continue with extra support and learning as they move into their full time roles.”

Danielle Cooper, Academy manager, added, “We can’t wait to start this year’s Academy and introduce a new group to our teams and already fantastic culture. We have an amazing programme set up, with a blended approach involving remote group work via Google Meet, and then a number of scheduled team sessions in the office. It’s so important for our cohort to get to know each other and develop their teamwork skills. 

“Moving forwards, we will be working flexibly wherever necessary with remote working from home and occasional team meetings at the office or client offices when required. Having perfected this approach already over the last few months, our newest people can learn from our experience and best practice.”

How does it work? 

Our Academy is always run from our head office in Leeds, although this year it is being run as a hybrid model with mainly remote working and some team time in the office. Each person is given a full-time permanent employee contract at one of our four UK offices, which they move to full-time in November after completing their time at the Academy.

The group is taught a full overview of full stack engineering, cloud technology and agile ways of working. There are also a number of  sessions on how we work as a consultancy with our clients. 

At the end of the programme, there is a group project at the end which brings all of these skills together. Academy leads Edward Browncross, Emily Birch and Mike Goddard set a brief and each team must run their project as if it is a commercial client project, leading to a final presentation. This is the best way for new employees to put their skills into practise and gain vital feedback, without the pressure of it being a real ‘live’ project.

Associate consultant Giles Drinkall joined our 2019 Academy intake and explained, “I came to the Academy from a very different employment background than most people. I was previously a financial analyst, but was a self-taught coder in my spare time. I met Infinity Work’s technical director Neil Dunlop for a coffee after meeting him at an event and he suggested that I might really enjoy the Academy and encouraged me to apply.

“The Academy was great fun and I have very fond memories of my time spent there with the other Academites. I felt very well prepared in terms of going onto my first account and have been able to rapidly build on the core knowledge/skills I developed during the course.”

Consultancy Launchpad programme

New for 2021, we’re also aiming to run a shorter Academy programme, designed as a  launch pad to the world of tech consultancy. This is aimed at those who have already gained some technical expertise elsewhere (for example on a tech bootcamp or from a short initial period in the tech industry) but would still benefit from a supportive and consultancy-focussed start at Infinity Works.

Find out more from our 2019 cohort and how they found the Academy:

How would I apply for a future IW Academy?

For 2021, we’re planning on running three Academy programmes across the year. We usually attend Grad Fairs in Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Yorkand London throughout October to encourage people to apply for places. Interviews would then be held with offers of places being sent out for the upcoming programmes.

The interview process consists of mock interviews, speed networking and general chatting about the company and the job, and getting the prospective candidates to ask us as many questions as possible to ensure they feel that it’s a good fit too.

This year, most Grad Fairs will be taking place remotely, so we will be sharing as much information about this as soon as we have it. 

You can contact [email protected] for more information about upcoming Academy programmes.

The Infinity Works Academy

You can learn more about our Academy and current opportunities by visiting our Academy webpage.

Written by Infinity Works