Snowflake Emerging SI Partner of the Year 2020

June 23rd, 2020 Written by Infinity Works

We have long been cloud and data enthusiasts at Infinity Works.

In June we were proud to be recognised for our achievements in the field by being named the FY2020 Emerging SI Partner of the Year award winner by Snowflake, at their Virtual Partner Summit. The award recognises our work in “providing support for customers to deliver new data products faster, bringing deep value”, according to Colleen Kapase, Snowflake VP Partners and Alliances.  The platform enabled us to help customers deliver new data products faster, gain quick and valuable insights, and reduce the total cost of ownership of their data warehousing estate.

Snowflake was a key tool for transforming the data business for one of our FTSE100 tier-one retail customers. Snowflake’s flexibility and scalability supported realigning the business behind the customer’s data products, and allowed us to efficiently handle both high volume streamed data and intensive bulk data workloads.

James Morgan, Commercial Director at Infinity Works, said, “To receive the ‘Emerging SI Partner of the Year’ award from Snowflake fills us with great pride. Snowflake unlocks the full potential of a data platform in the cloud. We love helping our mutual customers adopt and then optimise those environments to deliver meaningful value from their data, creating real business benefits. Thanks to Snowflake for the great partnership and for recognising our mutual progress and success!” 

At Infinity Works we recognise that cloud enables organisations of every type, size, and industry to focus on creating business value, rather than financing, building, and operating infrastructure. Up-front costs are minimised, allowing new projects to start quickly and cheaply, encouraging innovation.

With a wide variety of use-cases from storage and backup to entire companies running serverless in the cloud, we are experienced in the full range of cloud applications: indeed, our own business was “born in the cloud”. We’ve been at the forefront of cloud adoption since cloud came to market.  With cloud, we free business from the shackles of infrastructure – to build products, not platforms.

Read how we unlock the value in data at Infinity Works. From engineering to data science, we help our customers to take full advantage of the revolution in data and data technology.

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Written by Infinity Works