Seize the ‘fish of opportunity’

July 7th, 2020 Written by Infinity Works

One thing the pandemic has shown us is how quickly digital transformation can happen when there’s no other choice.

When alternatives are taken away from us due to an unstoppable global event, such as a pandemic, there seems no other course of action available but to wholly embrace change in order to survive and thrive in the new normal. We have to seize the opportunity!

Opportunity has become something of a hot topic at Infinity Works since our CTO Dan Rathbone exhorted us to “seize the fish of opportunity” at our last annual conference – although we are pretty sure he had no clue quite what disruption 2020 would bring!

At Infinity Works, we had discussed the possibilities around more remote working many times, but in the end had the decision made for us. Having successfully moved to a 100% remote working situation with just a couple of weeks notice when lockdown happened, we were forced to change our ways of working quickly. 

What this means for us going forwards is not yet clear; is full time flexibility here to stay? As agile working devotees, becoming even more agile in our approach could be a tangible benefit of the pandemic.

Our customers with business models relying on people working in an office environment, such as call centres, have come up against a few more issues and had to transform rapidly. We have been working with Amazon Connect to enable our clients to set up work-from-home call centres. As Cloud migration experts we are continually looking to develop solutions which take full advantage of the power and functionality of working with AWS technologies, and continue to achieve amazing outcomes with our clients and partners.

It’s clear that the pandemic will be with us for a while yet, and more change is inevitable. The future is still being created. In order to still be successful in the new tomorrow, rapid transformation has to be a priority.

Continue seizing that fish of opportunity – and why not speak to us?

Written by Infinity Works