Real money gaming: Why maximising your cloud investments is the key to long-term growth

October 18th, 2021 Written by Andy Emmett

Real money gaming companies which have already moved to a cloud infrastructure are ahead of the pack. But are they primed to exploit new possibilities and emerging markets? In this article, I look at why it’s important to optimise your cloud technologies now, and how to go about it.

Real money gaming is on the crest of a wave. Having thrived in 2020, in the absence of live sporting events, operators are looking to capitalise on a plethora of growth opportunities available to them. The vast US market has opened up at last, while the global regulatory landscape is simplifying. Smartphone ownership is soaring in regions like Latin America, giving millions of people access to gaming apps for the first time.

Trends are evolving too, bringing new players on board. Entertainment options such as esports are gaining popularity outside the realm of traditional live events. The global esports market increased by almost 50% between 2020 and 2021 and is projected to be worth US$ 1.62 billion by 2024.

One-day online fantasy sports, like FanDuel in the US, are also on the rise, appealing to different demographics such as women and younger age groups as well as international audiences. Live sport, where real money gaming began, still holds masses of untapped potential in competitions like the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Where business and tech combine

So there’s everything to play for. Online gaming, needless to say, is at the heart of many of the industry’s most promising opportunities. The  global online gambling market is projected to grow by 13.2% annually until 2025. Already, 63% of gamblers globally prefer online to offline, according to YouGov’s  International Gambling Report

Finding ways to engage those online players with fast, reliable, and enthralling products will increasingly rely on cloud capabilities. Early adopters are in a strong position to take the lead, but there’s no room for complacency.

Whatever your business goals, cloud is certain to feature heavily. Before developing new products or preparing to enter new markets, however, it pays to ensure you have the right technologies in place. Optimising your cloud infrastructure now will provide the foundation for significant expansion into different gaming segments or territories. That, in turn, will protect and maximise your investment.

Continuous enhancements yield results

Cloud technologies never standstill. AWS alone releases about 2,000 product and feature enhancements every year. Not taking advantage of new capabilities is like having a smartphone and using it just for texting. The pace of change means you can’t afford to tread water – but you must also assess new developments for their potential to deliver the desired business outcomes. More mundane, perhaps, but just as important is the need to reduce costs while constantly improving the speed and reliability of your products or services.

Your guide through uncharted territory

Operators can build a partner ecosystem to optimise your cloud technologies, whichever direction your business is taking. Choose partners with experience of building and operating large-scale gaming systems. An important first step is evaluating your existing cloud infrastructure to understand how your applications interconnect. Your partner can then work with you to develop an architectural strategy that aligns with your goals and, if relevant, the regulatory requirements of your target territories. The strategy should lower your cost of ownership while enhancing service performance and availability. And the best partner will also help you put the plan into action, using focused sprints to accelerate progress and results. Operators will benefit from their skills, experience and knowledge, gaining a fast-track to advanced cloud features that support richer customer experiences.

Take the next step

In real money gaming, winning big depends more than ever on maximising your cloud investments. Read our real money gaming whitepaper to find out more now.

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Written by Andy Emmett
Andy Emmett is the Head of Strategic Alliances at Infinity Works