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February 9th, 2021 Written by Infinity Works

Helping people to get into tech, whether they’re apprentices, graduates, or returners, is something we’re committed to supporting. That’s why we’re exhibiting at Manchester Digital’s Talent Day 2021: the largest specialist careers fair in the North for people looking to work in the digital, creative, and tech industries.

It’s anticipated that more than 1,800 jobseekers will attend this year’s free virtual event to find out more about the career opportunities in areas such as development, data, security, design, project management, digital marketing, and user experience (UX).

Ahead of Talent Day 2021, we spoke with consultants Georgia Gage (GG) and Joe Monaghan (JM), who both discovered Infinity Works at the 2018 event, about their respective career journeys and how attendees can boost their chances of securing a role.

What motivated you to attend the Talent Day?

GG: I was two years post-graduation with a physics degree; I had a little training in coding as part of my degree, so I was on the lookout for a company that would take on someone junior and provide the required training. I found there were a lot of companies on the lookout for junior developers, which was exciting.

What did you learn there?

JM: I found everyone I talked to was friendly and willing to talk about my experience and interests. The seminars and CV clinic sessions were really helpful, too. I met some of the team from Infinity Works and had a great conversation about the company, their forward-thinking and modern approach, and the fact they were working within a range of different industries. The opportunity to learn from so many talented people at Infinity Works and work towards AWS certifications were huge bonuses. 

How has your career progressed since?

GG: I joined as an associate consultant in Manchester and learnt on the job – it was mildly terrifying!. I had a lot of help and coaching from my colleagues and spent a lot of time teaching myself how to develop software. It was a steep learning curve, to say the least, but it paid off.

What tips would you share with people attending this year’s festival?

GG: Go with an open mind but also have a good think about what you are looking for in your workplace and your career. Be polite, professional, warm and friendly, if you can, but ultimately be yourself. Remember that the employers are there selling their workplace to you, but equally you need to sell your skills and assets to them.

JM: Be prepared to talk about yourself, such as any personal projects and your specific interests regarding technology. Ensure you do the basics right like getting your CV up to date and doing some research on the different companies that are attending.

Getting involved

Click here to find out more about Manchester Digital’s Talent Day, part of the Digital Skills Festival 2021, including the employers attending and the opportunities available.

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Written by Infinity Works