Infinity Works Edinburgh is growing up

May 15th, 2020 Written by Infinity Works

It’s difficult to put an exact date on when Infinity Works Edinburgh celebrated its first birthday – from when do you start counting?

We’ve worked with clients, big clients in Edinburgh for a number of years. We’ve had people based in Edinburgh for a number of years too. Perhaps it’s the date we took our first office, the date our headcount passed a certain critical mass or when our customer base in the region reached a tipping point. Whichever metric you take, we’ve firmly passed the one year mark and with almost twenty local consultants, a handful of flagship customers and over six months in a new George St. office, we’re more toddler than baby.

Some things feel very familiar

Just like our predecessor offices in Leeds, London and Manchester we’ve built our success on helping big organisations deliver digital transformation through our core Services. Our very earliest Edinburgh projects were large scale Cloud migrations, taking that leap to a technology platform fit for the modern age – one which provides a foundation for innovation and fast feature development. But, as is typical of so many Infinity Works engagements, these are far more than purely technical projects – they have been journeys of organisational and cultural change too. The Cloud was our vehicle of choice and we’re proud to see how far those organisations have come in our time working together.

While Cloud continues to be a popular offering, our Edinburgh team have also done a lot in the Full stack engineering space over the past 12 months too. From mobile apps and public APIs through to internal tools, we’ve helped organisations build upon their (often Infinity Works driven) Cloud platform to rapidly develop software to exploit new and existing business channels.

So what does the future hold?

With three older siblings and the world entering an unprecedented age of remote working, Infinity Works Edinburgh will be able to benefit our clients and our staff in new ways. While a local presence will always be at the heart of the cultural aspects of digital transformation, access to a wider variety of skills and experiences is made far easier when we have a national capability.

We can connect experiences across distant geographic locations and different industries to the benefit of all. One of our most recent Edinburgh projects involves exploring how Amazon Connect can be used to revolutionise a call centre so that it is possible for it to be staffed entirely remotely. This is being driven by our local specialists but bringing together a collective force of pioneers doing the same thing for companies in different sectors across Edinburgh and Manchester.

So Edinburgh is 1.x years old, doing amazingly and while it is following in some very well trodden footsteps it has some new and unique advantages. We’re excited about helping our existing customers and welcoming a few new ones over the next 1.x years!

Introducing Pete Cotton

Having spent the past three years at Infinity Works HQ in Leeds, developing and running a scalable agile delivery operation, Pete has taken up the mantle as head of Infinity Works’ fledgling Edinburgh practice.

If you want to hear more about Infinity Works in Edinburgh, you can reach Pete on [email protected]

Written by Infinity Works