Academy Q&A: Andy Canavan

January 27th, 2023 Written by Karen Leon

Name: Andy Canavan

Age: 29

How did you hear about the Infinity Works (IW) Academy programme?

I was speaking with a friend about searching for a new job but not necessarily a new career. They were working at Infinity Works and had come through the Software Engineering Academy. They explained the structure of the Academy, and how it might be a good fit for me. I was primarily focused on the Software Engineering Academy but when looking at the website I thought the Product Analyst Academy was an even better fit with the career I wanted and my previous experiences.

What attracted you to apply for the IW Academy? 

The Academy was a great way to start my career in technology; I didn’t need to have any specific qualifications or job history. They were looking for people with the right attributes and I felt I was one of them. The way the Academy is designed, I was confident it would give me the skills I needed to start my career and I was excited by the challenges I would face working as a consultant. Also, the fact that you are an employee from day one and paid a fair salary meant I was able to have this career change and not find myself compromised financially.

What were you doing at the time?

Before joining the Academy, I was working in a very different industry in a project management type role. I felt my career had stalled and I didn’t feel passionate about the work I was doing. In technology there is always going to be something new to develop, to learn or to create, so it is an industry where I won’t be bored.

What were your career ambitions and how did IW fit into this?

The subjects I studied at school and university have always focused on finding problems and creating solutions. Working as a consultant, that is what you do. You have a client who has a problem and you use technology to solve it and make it better for people. It’s a career I can be passionate about as I am always driving to create that end solution.

What did you enjoy most about your Academy time? 

Getting to work with the Software Engineering Academy on a group project gave a real insight into how teams work on actual accounts. It was also really fun and embodied the culture of IW that you experience after the Academy.

What were the most important aspects about helping you understand life in a consultancy? 

I think the most important aspect of the Academy was that it helped build the soft skills and confidence needed to talk to clients, stakeholders and developers. As a consultant you are an expert voice on the account, so understanding how to engage with people and talk about your work is key.

How did you find your first few months as an associate consultant at Infinity Works? 

I never felt that I was out of my depth as an associate consultant. There were numerous lines of support and expectations were always made clear. I really enjoyed being able to start working on an account and creating value for a client. It gave me confidence and passion in what I was doing.

What words of advice would you have for someone starting this year’s Academy? 

To enjoy it and get stuck into it. The more you do and learn during the Academy, then the more fun and passion you feel when you start working as a consultant.

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Written by Karen Leon