Azure Health Assessment

Assessing the health
of your Azure deployments

Our Azure Health Assessment is designed to examine a system you run in Azure, assess it against cloud best practices and highlight areas that can be improved.

The assessment will evaluate deployments against 5 key categories: operations, security, availability and recoverability, performance and scalability and cost.

The assessment will be delivered completely free of charge by one of our Solution Architects and will take half a day, after which you’ll receive a report detailing our findings and recommendations. If you’d like our help implementing the recommendations then we will present some options for this.


How you run and monitor your Cloud infrastructure, focusing on operability and continuous improvement. Key areas such as design for the Cloud, team readiness to support, understanding operational health, handling of events and the evolution of operations.


How your systems and data are protected and managed. With a specific focus on data classification and encryption, identity and access management, automated access to resources, secret management and network configuration.

Availability and Recoverability

The ability of your infrastructure to remain available, whilst quickly and automatically recovering from failures. How you approach change management, backups, failovers, resilience testing and plans for disaster recovery.

Performance and Scalability

How you define and measure the performance of your systems. Scaling efficiently to handle changes in load without compromising on performance. Managing your capacity in a way that improves cost optimisation and availability and minimises the operational impact.


The cost of your Cloud infrastructure. Understanding where money is being spent, that capacity matches utilisation and that available cost reduction approaches are being considered.

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