How practical engineering can help you

Make more effective use of your team

Making something work functionally is often the easy part. You also need it to be fast, scalable, reliable, highly available, extensible and operable though, which can be a lot harder. These requirements depend on more than our high-quality engineering. They also depend on us working together to make the most effective possible use of your team.

We help you optimise your delivery capabilities by developing high-performing, innovative teams with the skills to deliver quality, engaging solutions. We also help you develop seamless links between business divisions; across engineering and operations disciplines and beyond.

Focus on operability

Once you get into the minutiae of a project, it can be easy to lose sight of how a system will actually be operated. How will it be monitored? How will this component be deployed? What information do we need in the log files to diagnose problems?

Our engineers know how important it is to keep the purpose of of the system in mind from day one. Our approach means operational concerns are considered from the outset, deployments are made simpler and feedback loops are set up from the very first line of code.

Services not software

We don't just write software. Nor do we just build infrastructure. We do both. So our Engineers have a broad skillset, allowing them to work across all areas of a project. Having the ability to build software and platforms in tandem shortens feedback loops between the two, ensuring they work together better: platforms supporting software and vice versa.