V_MOST is the method we use to provide clear articulations of your Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategy and Tactics. It's a tried and tested top-down tool for aligning teams and organisations.

V_MOST has helped us give even the most complex of organisations real clarity of purpose. It's particularly good for helping to prioritise a large number of strategies and tactics; grouping them into "near, far and further" destinations on your roadmap to change. It's also proven to help improve team-working by giving everyone common, clearly defined goals.

Creating true alignment

We've all experienced programme and delivery teams that are not properly aligned with the rest of the business (or sometimes even within themselves). This can lead to confused priorities, frustrating sticking plaster solutions and unfulfilled strategies. Ultimately it leads to poor delivery, low morale and a breakdown of trust.

Our methods help teams focus on the bigger picture, rather than just their immediate problem or area of concern. The result is a reduction in conflicting objectives and an improved sense of shared purpose and control.

A common vision, a common point of view

To truly achieve a 'one team' culture, you need one vision, one set of objectives and one shared set of goals to deliver on. Teams aligned in this way are more accurate, more efficient and more effective. Their morale is higher and their working life is less frustrating and more enjoyable.

Using V_MOST, we’ll ensure that the Vision of the programme or organisation is understood and that there are clearly defined Missions describing how you'll get there. Objectives will be defined to measure success, and Strategies & Tactics identified to help you achieve your Vision. This shared focus means that the rest of the business can also clearly see how projects are aligned to the central Vision.

With priorities identified and a shared point of view agreed, we can implement the Strategies and Tactics required using Agile@Scale techniques and continually ensure optimal delivery through Organisational Optimisation.