Frequently asked questions

What will I learn on the Academy?

There are two key things that you will learn on the Academy: full-stack engineering and the skills required to be a consultant. Tech-wise, the Academy programme covers cloud-based tech, infrastructure and data, serverless, APIs, high-scale systems, front-end tech and mobile. Being a consultant requires effective communication, negotiation and team-building skills. A large part of the Academy hones in on helping you to develop these skills.

Will I be paid while on the Academy?

Yes. You are a permanent employee of Infinity Works from day one of the Academy, so your annual salary is dated from that first day. We don’t believe it’s right to ask people to fund their training, do the programme with the uncertainty of not knowing if there’s a role at the end, or tie you in with financial penalties. If you accept a place on the Academy then you’re an important part of Infinity Works right from that moment.

I don’t have a computer science degree, is the Academy still for me?

Absolutely. We have had people from a range of degree disciplines join us. The most important things we look for in a person are a good understanding of the fundamentals of coding and the aptitude to learn – we can teach the rest.

I don’t have a degree background, will that be a problem?

In short, no. We love seeing applications come through from people from different walks of life. If you’re keen to learn, have a passion for tech, have the basics down and know you’ll love working as software engineer, then we’d encourage you to apply. We believe that no matter what your background, perspective or skills, you’ll be welcomed and valued at Infinity Works; the more inclusive we are, the better business we will become. Our Academy aims to offer opportunities to those from all backgrounds and this applies equally to every role and member of staff too.

What kind of support will I receive?

You will be assigned an Associate Career Mentor – someone who will guide and support you throughout your career at Infinity Works. You will also be supported by your project team when you finish the Academy and start doing client work. We encourage a continuous learning environment for people at all levels, so never be afraid to ask questions.

The Academy doesn’t just end after 7 weeks. You’ll continue to come together with your cohort even after you’ve graduated to do some further learning sessions throughout your first year.

What happens when the Academy ends?

Once the Academy training is complete we’ll support you to continue your learning as you move onto the next step of your Infinity Works career. This could be working with any range of client projects, focused on an internal improvement project or continuing with further learning. One thing we know is that in tech learning never stops, we believe that’s what keeps things interesting.

What is career progression like?

Our aim is to help you progress your career in tech in a way that’s meaningful and fulfilling for you. One advantage of being part of Accenture is that there’s many opportunities and paths you can choose. We encourage you initially to get stuck into whatever projects come your way, to explore lots of things and get an understanding as to what interests you most. As you build your experience, chances are there will be options to develop further in whatever area of tech you discover you love most.

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